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About – LuLu | The Face Company


I love the beauty industry. Fashion, hair, skincare and makeup. I love sharing my passion and making people feel “pretty”.

There is nothing more rewarding than when you have made someone feel over the moon happy.

This is it for me.. why I do what I do.

With 30 years in the beauty industry I have taken my career through every aspect. Designing hair from fashion, making beautiful faces through skincare, lash extensions and creating and blending cosmetics.

The launch of my Custom Cosmetics Line in 2007 came from a vision to offer cosmetics that are good for your skin made from natural ingredients like minerals and botanicals. The “custom” is I can create anything from the perfect foundation, blush, shadow, concealer or finishing powder.

The LuLu Face Company launches a boutique cosmetic line that inspires a trendy-classic expression with attention to skin care quality ingredients and fashion forward thinking to beauty. Because everyone should feel pretty all of the time.

"I believe makeup should not only be good for your skin but also transform your skin with skincare quality ingredients"

"There are no rules when it comes to makeup. Play – Express yourself and make it yours."

"Never settle for something that is not quite right for you. Makeup should fit who you are, your character and personality."

Linda Temkin

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