4 Makeup Tips to De-Age

The LULU Face Co : 4 Makeup Tips to De-Age

The LULU Face Co : 4 Makeup Tips to De-Age

As we get older, we have to change the way we apply our makeup in order to suit the differences in our skin and features. Although we love the laughs that gave us those laugh lines, they don’t always look the best with our foundation. There are several tricks to hiding our imperfections and looking younger, from the shades you use to the way you apply. Ready to turn the clock back 10 years? Let’s go!


1. Moisturize under your foundation.
Let’s start at the base! As we get older our skin can appear drier and more cracked, so it’s important as ever to stay hydrated and keep that skin moisturized. If your skin is already dry, foundation tends to cling to dry patches and make them even more evident. Trust us on this one, it’s not a good look! To combat this, make sure to moisturize right before you apply your foundation by using a thin layer underneath. Let it absorb and dry for a few minutes, then apply. Your foundation will go on more smoothly, and your skin will look supple and radiant because of the added hydration!
Bonus tip: Use a foundation that’s slightly yellow in tone to warm up the skin. This tint will make your skin look healthier and more youthful.

2. Use liquid concealer in problem or dark areas.
This one isn’t rocket science, lightening dark areas helps to brighten up the rest of your face, and brightness=youthfulness! Almost everyone over the age of 18 has dark circles under their eyes even if they did get a full night’s sleep, and they have the uncanny ability to at times show themselves through foundation. Counter this with a liquid concealer and blend in with a Beauty Blender for light, even coverage. You can also dab some concealer onto dark spots or marks that age your face. Take a step back and look at the new you—you’ll be sure to look 10 years younger.

3. Ditch the dark eyeliner and the powder.
Here’s a 2-for-1 tip: these are hugely aging elements of a beauty routine. If you’re older, these are two things you’ll definitely want to avoid. Powder can cling to all the imperfections those that are older may not be too fond of, like fine lines and wrinkles, and dulls your skin even further. Dark eyeliner tends to make eyes appear smaller, and black can be pretty heavy on most. Choosing to use these products can age your face even if you look youthful as ever. Opt for a moisturizing foundation that provides some sheen or dewiness instead for a healthy glow. Try not to use a dark liner on your lower lash line, but if you must, opt for a brown instead. It looks far more natural and subtle as opposed to heavy and jarring.

4. Apply with a makeup sponge.
Many use brushes and end up frustrated with the way their foundation sits on their skin, but a makeup sponge can make all the difference. Instead of using a brush, next time you’ll want to grab your Beauty Blender. Applying with a sponge like this pats the makeup into your skin gently instead of rubbing it around, which sets strangely into wrinkles and fine lines. If you use a brush to apply, you’ll likely notice that throughout the day your makeup will separate from the lines in your face and cause heavy creasing, which just emphasizes those lines you’re trying to lessen! A sponge provides even, airbrushed-looking coverage that won’t crease.



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